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RAM puzzle

Hi all,

recently I bought 2 x 1 GB modules 1024MB SO-DIMM OCZ PC400 CL2.5. I plugged them into my Debian Asus M6726NW laptop. I was surprised to see that on /proc/meminfo I have only:

MemTotal:       906692 kB
MemFree:        451864 kB
Buffers:         53072 kB
Cached:         226724 kB
SwapCached:          0 kB
Active:         246092 kB
Inactive:       170880 kB
SwapTotal:     1469908 kB
SwapFree:      1469908 kB
Dirty:            1040 kB
Writeback:           0 kB
AnonPages:      137188 kB
Mapped:          77524 kB
Slab:            15988 kB
SReclaimable:     7672 kB
SUnreclaim:       8316 kB
PageTables:       2224 kB
NFS_Unstable:        0 kB
Bounce:              0 kB
CommitLimit:   1923252 kB
Committed_AS:   442896 kB
VmallocTotal:   122840 kB
VmallocUsed:     12568 kB
VmallocChunk:   109012 kB

Looking at lshw I have:

description: 	System Memory
physical id: 	
slot: 	System board or motherboard
size: 	2GB
capacity: 	3GB

So, what do you think is the problem? Are my new RAM modules malfunctioning, or is that some software problem? In both cases, how lshw sees the right amount of memory, but the kernel does not?!


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