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Re: file recovery - urgent

On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 09:11:02PM +0200, Micha wrote:
> Hello,
> Please excuse this is not strictly debian or laptop related,
> but i'm in urgent trouble.
> I accidently deleted a folder with 3500 files on my laptop,

late replay, but might come handy for anybody in similar situation.
I had the problem to recover photos from an SD trashed by Linux/MacOSX 
usb-storage brokeness, by chance - reading up the badblocks-HowTo - I went
to 'photorec' website: 

It turned out that photorec claims to knows about and search for a long list
file types, on several types of partitions and fs.
photorec was very effective to recover my stuff out of the image-file image 
of the 0.5G SD (I selected JPG, MOV, DSC). That might have been a rel. easy 
task though, as jpg+mov have been recorded sequentially and were likely well
ordered, so YMMV a lot. 
But worth a try for sure. Thanks to Chritophe. Check also links to dfrws.org.

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