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Re: Filtering an existing mbox with procmail

On Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 08:47:58AM +0200, Alexandre Neubert wrote:
>     formail -s procmail -Y .procmail/debian-list.rc < Mail/inbox
>    I get:
>    Error when trying to write msg xxx to ""
>    for each message he tries to move (same error when replacing the -Y
>    with -m).

well, that all depends on what .procmail/debian-list.rc does ...

>    I switched to formail -s procmail < Mail/inbox
>    This works, but is awfully slow and seems never to end (it launches a

yes, as I said, that uses the default .procmailrc which likely writes to
Mail/inbox too, so you'd end in a loop.


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