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Re: IBM T22 S3 Savage Video Sarge to Etch Upgrade

> I remember an issue from 1.5 years ago, when I did an update on (then 
> testing) Etch which led to a touchpad problem.  I think the 
> Synaptics touchpad was somehow related to pcmcia stuff (yenta socket) 
> and hotplug used to recognize it automatically before the update.  
> (This was an Averatec 3250 laptop.)
> The update introduced udev, but that didn't work for kernels older than 
> 2.6.15 (the Sarge kernel is 2.6.8) and it conflicted with hotplug.  Also 
> there was an issue related to pcmcia-cs (for older than 2.6.13) vs. 
> pcmcia-utils (for 2.6.13 or higher).
> Maybe making sure you have the Etch kernel, udev, and pcmcia-utils would 
> solve your touchpad problem.
> Selim T. ErdoÄ?an
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Thanks for the reply,
you maybe on to something with the pointing device. Following
Florian's instructions I have been able to get to the X gray screen.

I upgraded to Sarge 2.6.8 a few months ago to get something working that
required the 686 intel stuff.


John T. Lapp
System Admin.
On-Site Services.

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