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Re: Fwd: Broadcom 4318

David Gasa Castell wrote:
> Hi !
> Tried again unfructuously to activate the wireless by ndiswrapper...
> Tired googling... lots of people have the same trouble since 2.6.16 ...
> I don't know if it's better to expect the native module bcm43xx (now not
> running properly...)

I have Broadcom 4318 on my laptop (compaq presario) and it is working
perfectly with ndiswrapper on Etch 2.6-18 stock kernel (it works with
bcm43xx module as well but only at 11mbps and the connection dies for no
apparent reason).
My ndiswrapper is built from the source downloaded from

The easiest way to build this from the source is to use module-assistant
package and let it download and install all the necessary components for
you to build your own modules (Note that module assistant itself has
ndiswrapper in its list of available modules. Dont select that module if
you plan to build your own)

The ndiswrapper wiki page gives you all the instructions on how to build
and use it.

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