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Re: Debian clash when I try install - Serio: i8042

On Fri, Mar 30, 2007 at 02:09:13PM -0300, Geilson Melo wrote:
> I??ve been trying install Debian 3.1 r5 on my laptop, but it always 
> freeze in this line.

check kernel docs for kernel boot params reg. i8042:

        i8042.direct    [HW] Put keyboard port into non-translated mode
        i8042.dumbkbd   [HW] Pretend that controlled can only read data from
                             keyboard and can not control its state
                             (Don't attempt to blink the leds)
        i8042.noaux     [HW] Don't check for auxiliary (== mouse) port
        i8042.nokbd     [HW] Don't check/create keyboard port
        i8042.nomux     [HW] Don't check presence of an active multiplexing
        i8042.nopnp     [HW] Don't use ACPIPnP / PnPBIOS to discover KBD/AUX
                        [HW] Frequency with which keyboard LEDs should blink
                             when kernel panics (default is 0.5 sec)
        i8042.reset     [HW] Reset the controller during init and cleanup
        i8042.unlock    [HW] Unlock (ignore) the keylock

try any of them, some may not make sense in your case, but it shouldn't take
long to figure out which - if any - makes the trick for you.


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