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Re: [Fwd: Heathcliff for Saturday March 17, 2007]


First, sorry for my poor english...

Le 13592ième jour après Epoch,
Ian Greenhoe écrivait:

> I emphatically agree that something needs to be done about the volumes
> of spam we are getting.

I'm not sure the signal/noise ratio is so bad.

[...about grey-listing...]

>   Second, an auto-generated message is sent to the "From:" address and
> the "Reply-To:" address.

My "From:" is illegal, and my "Reply-to:" is on the list. What can I
do in this case?

Subscribing to a "special" list @lists.debian.org (I don't remember
the name of this special list) is a better way to do grey-listing:

First: the list already exists

Second: the mailing list server will have less load using this way.

I'm opposed to grey-listing, but if it becomes necessary, please let
them use the "no-messages" mailing list subscription.

*... scratching hard drive ...*

the list name is "whitelist@lists.debian.org" ... I subscribed this
list with my real email (Enveloppe-To: header), and now I can post
with fake addresses without the web-accessible archives problem.

> </no_flames_please>

Oops ... ;)

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