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Re: problems laptop inspiron 630m

Hello Jesus,

your modem is a so-called Winmodem or Softmodem. To get this one
working, you need the driver from a firm called Linuxant. They offer a
closed source driver limited to 14.4kbs for free. If you want the full
56kbs you need to pay around 18$ I think. Google for Linuxant.
Maybe you're mic is only muted? Open the console/terminal and run
alsamixer. Unmute the mic and then run:
alsactl store
Did you install the alsa package?



Jesus Diaz wrote:
I want install at my portable computer inspiron 630m :
the microfon is not operative the model is:
Sigmatel STAC9750 HD audio codec / Intel ICH6 HD Audio
also the modem is not operative the model is:Conexant HDA D110 MDC V.92 Modem
i have installed debian etch kernel 2.6.17
how can i install all well, thanks

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