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RE: Etch freezes after dist-upgrade


no I am not using the ipw3945...at least not now:). I
am in process of buing a new laptop and that's the
card it has, so if I get problems there I know whom to
I also use 2.6.18-4, pulled it first from unstable.
Than in this upgrade it came up again (went into
testing...if that is possible now) and after that
upgrade all the described problems happened.


--- Giacomo Montagner <mantager@gmail.com> schrieb:

> > > Maybe
> > > SwSusp cycles screwed up the FS and then after
> > > rebuild
> > > permissions got screwed up.
> > > 
> > > Regards
> > > Kemal
> Uhm... I had (fortunately enough) not that problem
> whith filesystems, 
> my reiserfs was able to recover completely, although
> with a lot of 
> errors on startup. I had no SwSusp configured, since
> it annoys me a lot
> and I prefer a clean shutdown-bootup. So I never
> suspend, and maybe 
> that's what prevented me from losing my fs... 
> Do you use ipw3945? I had no more freezes after i
> uninstalled those 
> packages, and now (it seems) I'm able to use my
> gnome as usual, except
> for that problem with gnome-power-manager (disabled
> and replaced by 
> battstat-applet-2). 
> I'm still using kernel 2.6.18-4-686, no reasons to
> switch back to 
> previous 2.6.28-3-686.
> Bye. 
> Giacomo
> ---

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