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Re: Installing Etch on Macbook?


sorry I did not realized that you have trouble from the very beginning.

Anyhow, there is indeed trouble with the keyboard at boot time:
a lot of stuff have been fixed very quickly, but some weird behaviours remain.

Mactel is here


Any how, first you have to play with a netinst iso-image.
But before all, you have to prepare your macbook from OSX:
install bootcamp, repartition the harddrive, install refit

Have you done it ?
Actually the version of netinstall is not so important
since all stuff will be fetched via the internet:
what you really need is a working one :-)
What I mean, give a try to the latest STABLE netinstall iso-image first.

Note that you may make your choice concerning the type of distro you want:
i386 or amd64 ?
Grossly, if you want to have a multimedia laptop, then chose the i386 distro;
if you want a number cruncher laptop, chose the amd64 one.

I had some trouble with the keyboard too at boot time (and I still have):
I tried to be patient and I rebooted my macbook a lot (linux/OSX):
it seemed to be a random process. Have you tried to plug any external keyboard ?
You may find other tips on the net (see tuxmobil ?)

If it is the first time you install Debian on a computer:
try on a more ancient computer one first or find a Debian ``expert'' to guide you.
your laptop is really new box.

have fun,

Sami J. Laine wrote:
Jerome BENOIT wrote:
have you tried with the latest Mactel patch ?

No. I've used vanilla Debian netinst iso-image. I've burned one 15th Feb and another one today, 26th Feb. Both function equally ie. result a complete keyboard freeze immediately after displaying the boot prompt.

I have no idea of how to get mactel-patched kernel into netinst image. So it's back to reading debian.org, I guess, heh.

do you run a i386 or an amd64 kernel ?

I've used both i386 amd64 netinst iso images. Both behave similarly.


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