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Re: Illogical Wireless Difficulty

Baz wrote:
Hello. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding why I'm unable to access a wireless network with Linux (Debian) and can on XP? I've had Debian up and running awhile now, but lately, on a certain network, it takes upwards of ten minutes at times to get it connected. I usually must go into Desktop > Administration > Networking - turn off the "enable this connection," then immediately turn it on again - change from DHCP to Static, then back again - and, this usually works. However, when I'm focus on some production task, that's a real pain in the a**. So, now, I'm relying on XP to get the job done. I prefer Debian, but I can't afford it dropping the ball like this. The wireless signal is rather strong. I don't even think it is the signal. If it was, then I'd have trouble with XP as well. At work, there is no problem. Please offer your experienced opinion. No new packages have been added - but, there have been several updates to existing ones. I'm uncertain if any were network related.

What's the wifi network card ? and what driver modules are you using in Debian for this card?

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