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Re: problem of screen or graphic card ?

Hi, of course it is a riskful operation to partition a disk where
there are already data, but I think that with partition magic and a
GOOD backup you could give it a try ;-)
Otherwise if you don't mind to loose all of your windows data, you can
repart the hdd and then reinstall windows. Quite long however!
On 2/5/07, Gerard Robin <g.robin3@free.fr> wrote:
On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 12:19:59PM +0200, sysop wrote:
>From: sysop <sysop@mediat.com.ua>
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>Subject: Re: problem of screen or graphic card ?
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>Monday, February 5, 2007, 1:06:47 AM, you wrote:
>> but I still enconter a problem when I close the Xwindow session.
>> Sometimes the screen is blurred and there is like waves ...
>> cat /proc/acpi/termal_zone/THRM/temperature
>> gives : temperature   37 C
>> Where does this problem come from ?
>> Can my screen or my garphic card be damaged ?

>I have the same laptop... It's work fine...
>Kernel 2.6.18
>Debian testing
>Mybe you need reinstall driver for videocard
I did what you advised me and now, when I close a xwindow session the
screen is normal. (for the moment ...)
Since we have the same laptop I would like to ask you a question about
the partitions of the hard disk.
At the origin the hard disk has:
/dev/sda1  fat32 ~ 5 Gb
/dev/sda2  fat32 ~ 53 Gb
/dev/sda3  fat32 ~ 53 Gb
I would like to do:
/dev/sda1  fat32 ~ 5 Gb
/dev/sda2  fat32 ~ 20 Gb
/dev/sda3  fat32 ~ 10 Gb
the rest for linux (etch) but the support of acer (in France) told me
"don't touch to the partitions sda1 and sda2, only resize sda3"
and then I did:
/dev/sda1  fat32 ~ 5 Gb
/dev/sda2  fat32 ~ 53 Gb
/dev/sda3  fat32 ~ 10 Gb
the rest for linux. However I don't use windows often and I have 40 Gb
How did you partition your hard disk ?



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