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Re: Broadcom Wireless & Etch on HP Compaq nx6325


Thanks for the input. I currently have the firmware installed in two
locations and have for some time now: /lib/firmware & /usr/lib/hotplug/
firmware. /var/log/dmesg has not said anything about the firmware so
I'm not sure if that is even the issue, but then again dmesg isn't
telling me much of anything these days. By the way, what repo did you
find bcm43xx-fwcutter in? I had to install it from source. I'd rather
go through apt to manage these things if possible.

I've tried ndiswrapper with some success, but the idea of having a
native module instead of some sort of emulated layer was attractive to
me. Although, I too will go with the ndiswrapper solution if I can't
use encrypted networks.

I'm using the 2.6.18-3-amd64 version of the Debian kernel if that
helps with anything. Although I will try to upgrade to 2.6.19.x to see
if that might clear up the problem. According to some who've replied
to me, they've had problems with this module and different versions.

Thanks for all of the ideas and input,


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