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Re: sound problems (was: Re: sound card problem (no /proc/asound/sndstat))

On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 15:52:13 +0800, Safirst C. Ke wrote:

[ snip: brief explanation about replying to list and bottom-posting ]

> Thank you for telling me How to do.
> I hope I haven't make any trouble here,
> for this is the first time I use the mail list.

Don't worry, what you did is a very common mistake of people who are new
to this list. Our posting guidelines are only there to make sure that
this list can be useful for a large number of people. You are doing fine


> My system is Debian Sarge 3.1 r4 on the Samsung X11,
> and the command 'lspci | egrep -i 'audio|multimedia'
> didn't show any thing.
> My sound card is called High Definition Audio Codec AD1986A.
> It's like that I haven't install any sound driver,isn't ?
> but I see the Alsa package is installed in my system.

I am afraid that Sarge might be too old to support your card. However,
to be sure we need the full output of "lspci" and of "uname -a". (The
first command will list all your PCI hardware and the second one will
tell us which kernel you are running.) Furthermore, which kind of laptop
are you using? We need maker (Samsung?) and model.


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