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Re: Xwindows doesn't start on new install

on Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 12:49:01AM -0700 jdaues mumbled:
> if I do:
> >lsmod | grep nvidia
> I get nothing in response.
> That can't be good.
Agreed. you can take a look at what modules are available for that stock
kernel by typing:


it will give you a menu of modules you can insert or remove with the
menu.  nifty little program.  if you don't have it:

apt-get modconf

it's possible that the xorg userland driver doesn't know how to insert
your kernel module.  modconf not only inserts a module, but also makes
an entry in the file /etc/modules so the module you need is inserted
every time you boot.

Oh, and that was indeed what I meant about changing the driver to VESA.



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