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Re: iTunes & Linux (Debian)

Thus spake Paul Johnson (baloo@ursine.ca):

> http://wiki.ursine.ca/Top_posting
> David Pastern wrote:
> > With the risk of sounding rude, that's what you get for using a
> > proprietary system.  Do NOT support Apple, and their usage of DRM
> > protected, user screwed systems that are iTunes etc.
> I second that.  You're better off with a Palm Tungsten running Aeroplayer
> for about the same price as an iPod.  Just put Vorbis on a SDIO card, put
> SDIO card in Palm, run Aeroplayer and you're gold.  Aeroplayer will also
> play MP3s, but you have to pay for the MP3 plugin for the same reasons
> Debian refuses to distribute MP3 encoders.

Alternately, Cowan make the iAudio players which will happily play
WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.

And is apparently (not that I've heard others) one of the
best-sounding players on the market. I'm more than happy with mine,
despite the slightly clunky remote.
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