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Re: What laptop should I buy for running Debian?

On Sunday 17 December 2006 13:26, Muammar Wadih El Khatib Rodriguez wrote:
> Hello *,
> Yes, I know this is a very common question, but knowing that laptops
> are changing  all the time, I'd like knowing what laptop would you
> prefer for running Debian, I mean, what do you suggest? what have been
> your experiences? what shouldn't I buy?.
> I want to buy a laptop in a range of price between 1000 $ and 1400 $.
> I was searching on the net and I found a Toshiba Satellite(r) Notebook
> Family:  A100/A105 Series. [0]

I've personally had good experience with System76 
<http://www.system76.com/>. (They preload all their computers with Ubuntu, 
which I replace with a real Debian install, of course ;) Their laptops 
should be easily in your quoted price range.

There are several other Linux-specific laptop vendors out there (Emperor 
Linux comes to mind), but I have never used them myself.

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