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Re: Broadcom 4318


> >> On Sam, 28 Okt 2006, David Gasa Castell wrote:
> >>
> >> > bcm43xx: Radio turned off
> >> > bcm43xx: Radio turned off
> >>
> >> make sure your "wlan" switch on the laptop is turned on, normally its on 
> >the
> >> front/downside on the laptop
> my debian laptop runs Debian GNU/Linux (Sarge) and I use a pcmcia
> wi-fi card(linksys)

There are many versions for this chipset, and its driver is not finished yet.
So it "normal" some details in some versions do not work.

This a above looks like a simple bug, so its best to talk to the driver
developers, and try a newer kernel .. 

> the 4318 works fine for me.  However I don't seem to precisely
> understand the issue.
> And yes Florain, Ndiswrapper is not at all a good solution.  It just
> happened that I got a card and since I could not find another way of
> using it, I use the wrapper.

and by using it, instead of the nativ driver, the issue won't get better. Did
you submit a bug for your problems with the native driver?

But why buying this WLAN PCMCIA Card in the first place? why not one with a
Prism Chipset which are supported nicely in linux? ..

Florian Reitmeir

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