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Re: Internet in Europe for Travelers

On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 19:03 +0200, André Wendt wrote:
> I feel the strong urge to add things here. Don't get me wrong, this is
> not a hate mail, as I always love to hear from Americans who enjoy their
> trips here. But being a German myself, I have to say the exact same
> things about Internet access in the Pacific Northwest where we traveled
> about a year ago. I guess it's a difference between living some place
> with a decent Internet connection and traveling some place else.
> During our one-month round trip in Oregon and Washington with 20 or so
> stops at hotels, we have had three (3) opportunities to access the
> Internet at free will, one of which included a computer in the lobby
> (restricted to 30 minute usage). Free wifi connection? Forget about it!
> Starbuck's was the only place to get a wireless connection in public at
> all, however, they are just as expensive as you describe.

As a person who lives in Washington -- specifically in Seattle, I must
say it really does come down to where you are.  Seattle and the
immediate vicinity has a lot of WiFi access if you know where to look.
Libraries, independent coffee houses, hospitals, shopping malls, amongst
other places.  (And if you need just a bit of access, a fair number of
places in Seattle proper you can stand outside and pick up at least one
signal that isn't secured.)  However, once you get outside of the big
cities, it can be pretty hard to get internet access.


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