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Re: IBM thinkpad 600(how good)


i hope you have found also
they also have a very activ mailinglist, and there are plenty of happy
Thinkpad 600 owners on that list.

On Sam, 01 Jul 2006, justin joseph wrote:

> I had prevously posted to this group with questions concerning
> thinkpad pad T42 and based on the discussion had ordered it(in US, am
> in India).  Unfortunately It will take a long time before I can get
> it, around 8 more months.  So am planning to buy a second hand IBM
> machine in India for that time period.  There is an IBM 600 series PII
> 400Mhz 192MB machine.  It would be helpfull if I can know about the
> performance of these machines with say Debian Sarge.
> I would need to compile a lot of code and do some scripting.  Also I
> would need to read pdf files(I prefer evince) and use the
> Internet(Firefox) and my Office LAN and the regular tools.. ssh telnet
> ftp svn etc..Also Open Office once in a while.  Will this machine
> serve my purpose for the time being. Am in India and the new IBM
> machines Cost way over head here *they are not affordable* in India.
> Will I be able to use a pcmcia card and get wireless LAN.  I know
> GNU/Linux is portable but I have not worked on 400 Mhz machines.  My
> Desktop is a PIII 866Mhz 256MB RAM and it takes around 20 minutes to
> compile 2.6.15 kernel release.  How much will the TP600 take for this
> task because this might give me a vague picture.
> I did go around googling and on linux-laptops but they mostly talk
> about Installation, My concern is of relevance of machine
> specification with regards the work i mentioned.

Florian Reitmeir

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