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Re: Xorg 7.0 and ATI working!

Christian Schuerer wrote:
I had the problem too, that dpkg-reconfigure didn't write a new config file. By chance I found out that you have to use the tool called "dexconf":

:~$ dexconf --help
Usage: dexconf [OPTION ...]
  write an Xorg X server configuration file based on debconf database values
-h, --help display this usage message and exit -o FILE, --output=FILE write configuration file to FILE
This help message is intended only as a quick reference.  For a description of
the usage of dexconf, see the dexconf(1) manual page.

Could have saved you a lot of work ;-)

I had the same problem too. I guess it's a bug that only dexconf produces that file that IMHO should also be adjusted by

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.

The last screen of that command asks
"Write default Files section to configuration file?"
but no config file is ever written.

I finally 'solved' the situation by purging all the xorg stuff and reinstalling it.


NB: dexconf's xorg.conf doesn't match my laptop's display resolution of 1400x1050

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