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Re: laptop and Debian

Gerard Robin said...
> Hello,
> I intend to buy a laptop. I googled to find some information about laptops
> which support linux Debian and the informations that I got concerned fairly
> old laptops and no one works fine at 100%.
> Can someone give me some advices or give me a link to find some informations
> about recents laptops.
> I would like that thee things work fine:
> Xwindow
> modem
> ethernet card
> usb
> wifi
> power sleep
> printer

Another opinion. I use Debian elsewhere, but found installing it on a 
new laptop a bit fiddly and time consuming. As well as having to build a 
custom kernel, it also needed tweaks for wireless, bluetooth, modem, 
touchpad and the screen screen. I recently tried Ubuntu - to which I 
added kde-core and my favourite packages - and everything worked out of 
the box - even the Nvidia package worked. And it installed more quickly 
than the pre-configured version of XP that came with the machine :-)


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