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Re: After upgrading kernel, usb webcam is default sound device

Also sprach Anders Ellenshøj Andersen <andersa@ellenshoej.dk> (Mon, 17
Apr 2006 13:11:36 +0200):
> I upgraded the kernel to 2.6.16, and now my (built-in) usb webcam is
> the  default alsa sound device, and the build in sound card is now
> device 2:
> $ cat /proc/asound/cards
>  0 [default        ]: USB-Audio - USB2.0 Video
>                       Syntek Semicon.     USB2.0 Video        at 
> usb-0000:00:03.3-4, high speed
>  1 [Modem          ]: ICH-MODEM - SiS SI7013 Modem
>                       SiS SI7013 Modem at 0xe800, irq 193
>  2 [SI7012         ]: ICH - SiS SI7012
>                       SiS SI7012 with ALC650F at 0xe400, irq 193
> Now my applications are having difficulty finding the sound card. How
> can I  change this order?

Schould work with entries in /etc/modutils/sound. The (main)modules for
devices have the parameter "index". So you would give one of them 0, 1 
and ... See modinfo <modulename> for that.

Modules get loaded at bootup from tools ala udev, hotplug, discover,
/etc/modules or, when plugged in later, by udev or hotplug. 

The above file "schould" do it, if not, try to put these parameters into
/etc/modules or edit the configuration file of the utility that loads
the modules on your machine. BTW: simply plugging in the USB device
after bootup will likely also do it.

> Anders

sl ritch

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