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Re: Inspiron 4100, APM, blinking lights

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, Michael Perry wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone running a Dell Inspiron 4100, debian kernel
> sources 2.6.15, with apm compiled in has seen a periodic problem with APM
> suspends where the numlock and screenlock lights just blink on and off
> repeatedly and the resume does not work.  I looked at the number of times
> this happens and its about 2 times out of every 30 suspends.  I hardly
> ever reboot the laptop since APM has worked so flawlessly for me and this
> is not bad; but it causes me a bit of desire to find out if others
> experience similar things with a 4100 and APM suspends.

Blinking lock leds mean the kernel has panicked.  I think APM still works 
on my Inspiron 4000, but I haven't checked it in a while...

Perhaps, if you can be bothered, hook up a serial console and see what the 
panic is about.  You should be able to google for "serial console panic"

Or get out of X (killing xdm/kdm/gdm), and then try to cause the panic 
again -- the panic should then be displayed on the screen.

Smash head on keyboard to continue.

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