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bringing up PCMCIA wireless interface

I've got a PCMCIA wireless card in my laptop, and I'd like to figure
out the Debian way of arranging that it be brought up when the card is
inserted (including on boot).  I only use the card on my home network,
which uses WEP.

In the old days, I used pcmcia-cs, and /etc/pcmcia/network.opts
contained a call to "ifup $1" in start_fn().

Then, I switched to using hotplug and put

  mapping hotplug
          script grep
          map wlan0

in /etc/network/interfaces, and this caused the interface to be
brought up when the card was inserted.

Now, I've upgraded to udev 0.079-1, which conflicts with hotplug,
and ifup doesn't seem to get called anymore.  I also tried moving
from pcmcia-cs to pcmciautils (version 012-1), and that didn't help.
I'm running a self-compiled kernel.

I also tried ifplugd, but it doesn't run ifup until WEP has been
configured, but I have set things up so that ifup does my WEP

I realize that a combination of waproamd or wpasupplicant and ifplugd
would probably work, but that seems overkill since I just need "ifup
$DEVICE" to be done when the card is plugged, and don't need fancier

What do people recommend?  Shouldn't what I want be the default



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