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Newbie: Can't mount USB flash drive on 'Sarge'

I am a newbie and could use some help.  I've recently upgraded a Dell
Inspiron 3800 from Win98 to Debian's "Sarge" release with CD images 1
through 4.

I can't figure out how to mount the USB stick (FAT formatted).  I'm
running a 2.4 kernel.  I've verified that it's not a hardware issue ...
I ran a live Linux CD (Knoppix with 2.4 kernel) which properly detected
and auto-mounted the drive.

Could anyone provide some guidance?  I've done various searches of
groups/forums and read documentation at linux-usb.org and the Debian
GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide to no avail.

I've confirmed that 'hotplug' is installed, though I don't know how to
tell if it is loaded.

Any guidance would be appreciated.  Thx.

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