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Re: Debian on an IBM ThinkPad t42(p)?

* Ivo Marino <eim@mentors.debian.net> [2005 Dec 01 14:59 -0600]:

>    What about Debian GNU/Linux on such a machine? I found some
> interesting tutorials that explain how to install and configure Debian
> on the t42 -- The notebook seems to be quite GNU/Linux-friendly, any
> real-life experiences?

It works very well.  I have Debian Sid, KNOPPIX 4.02, Slackware 10.2
and I still have more room.  I may install Kubuntu for fun as the live
CD worked well.

The wireless in mine is an Atheros based so the Madwifi package,
http://www.madwifi.org has more details.  I built the package against
the Debian kernel.  There is an older version described at
http://www.marlow.dk/site.php/tech/madwifi  This a bit older version
and works, although neither lights the status LED.

The modem is supported by either Linuxant or ALSA. although I currently
get no dialtone with the ALSA module.  I submitted a bug, but haven't
heard anything.

Everything else just works.  The built-in CD burner works with k3b with
no fuss.

>    In poor words: I'm looking for a stable hardware alternative to my
> current Apple iBook which is becoming bit slow for advanced
> applications; The ThinkPad series seems to be the most indicated
> solution. I would just like to know how satisfied are current Debian
> users with their ThinkPad in order to know if this notebook is worth
> it's money.

I like my Thinkpads.  I haven't considered any other brand.

- Nate >>

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