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Re: Software and kernel modules for Linksys WPC54G / WPC54GS

Nico Gulden wrote:

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> Hello all,
> I plan to set up a WLAN environment und I'm looking for the right
> componenents.
> I'd like to use the Linksys WPC54GS or WPC54G WLAN adapter.
> How are your experiences with these devices? Do they work easily with
> debian? What chipset do the devices use and what modules or extra
> software do I need in order to get it working.
> I'm using debian testing release on a ThinkPad T23 with a self
> compiled 2.6.11 kernel.
> I haven't bought the devices yet. I just want to hear about your
> experiences to simplify my decision.
> Thanks for any comments.
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The WPC54G will not work with native linux drivers at all.  You will
either need the linuxant wlan driver or the ndiswrapper.  I've used
both with this particular card and it works pretty well.  One of the
things in my particular setup is that I could never get acpi to do
suspends correctly with the linuxant driver (driverloader) loaded so I
would use a small utility that linuxant provides to unload the driver
in an acpi script.  After the suspend with a lid close or whatever, I
would re-insert the module and things would be back up and running.

I don't recall if I had similar issues with ndiswrapper.  I am going to
try an asus G card here in a bit that seems to have native support
using the ralink 2550 driver on debian testing.  The cards are really
cheap on newegg and I've read success stories with them recently.

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