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RE: Re: Automatic removing of unneeded .deb files?

Barry, Christopher wrote:
> am I misunderstanding the option specified here, copied from apt-get
> manpage:
> autoclean
>               Like  clean, autoclean clears out the local repository of
> retrieved package files. The difference is that it only removes package
> files that can no longer be downloaded, and are largely useless. This
> allows a cache to be maintained over a long period without it growing
> out of control. The configuration option APT::Clean-Installed will
> prevent installed packages from being erased if it is set to off.
> Will this configuration option not do what you want? OR, will it keep
> everything, installed included? If it won't work, it would be a whole
> lot less effort to get a bigger hard drive ;)

As I said I am very much aware of autoclean (and use it quite often), but it
is not what I would like to get. If I can put here small mockup of the
proposed utility in semi-Pythonish manner?

currentlyInstalled = pipe("aptitude search -F '%p %V' '~i'").split()
packagesStoredNames = pipe("ls *.deb").split("_",1)
storedNotInstalled = [x for x in packagesStoredNames \
        if not(x in currentlyInstalled)]
for file in storedNotInstalled:

Actually, when I am looking at it, it is almost whole script :-).


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