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Re: Automatic removing of unneeded .deb files?

Eric Cooper wrote:
> You don't need to keep any .debs after they're installed; you can
> delete the entire cache (with "apt-get clean" for example).  The
> important information about your installation is kept in
> /var/lib/dpkg/.

This is one big celebration of misunderstanding -- I know very well about
aptitude clean (deletes everything; too much, I want to have .deb files for
all currently installed programs on my notebook -- I have not always ideal
connection to the Internet -- read dial-up) or aptitude autoclean (leaves
anything which is download*able*). I would love to have something in
between -- something less aggressive than clean and more aggressive than
autoclean. If I won't find something better, I will hack something together
in Python.

Do you know about something better, please?


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