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Re: Broken key


> i am running debian sarge in my Fujitsu s series notebook. Few days
> back i found the key F7 is not working which is used  in increasing
> the brightness of my screen. so my question is .. is there any sotware
> in linux/debian that can increase my brightness by using it.

Hmm, is the fujitsu S series doing the increase using software?
Normally this is an acpi issue and therefore you probably need an
kernel module enabling you doing such things using /proc/acpi subsets.
You probably could check if there is something like that around
in /proc/acpi already though.

As for software that is used for such, i've never stumbled across such
on any notebook type.

Hope that helped

Martin Hauser

Martin Hauser <mh@alla.franken.de>
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