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Re: No sound on Web Pages


> I'm not getting any sound on foxnews.com. I'm getting the video just
> fine, but no sound. They have a free video section that I was trying
> to view. The video comes through, but no sound. I can play CD's fine.

> Using Firefox 1.0.4.
> Debian Sarge with 2.4 Kernel
> mp3's play fine using totem or mplayer...
> CD's play fine as well....
> How do I fix my sound situation when viewing video on the web?

I have the feeling it could be maybe an issue with a sound daemon. As
far as i know firefox is trying to access /dev/dsp directly without
using any sound daemon. But sound daemons are common (artsd for kde,
esd aka esoundd one some other wms)), some applications (e. g. k3b)
are even known to start a sound daemon without being in the right
window manager. So it might be a good idea to try to terminate both of
them if you have them running, restarting firefox then. I know that
mplayer can automatically detect the sound-daemons... not knowing about
totem though. Maybe just try it and if not, check back again. Maybe
someone else has a different idea.

Hope that helped


Martin Hauser <mh@alla.franken.de>
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