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Re: wireless configuration


> I have installed Debian 3.0 on my Dell Inspiron 1200. Everything is
> working fine except I could not the wireless card. I have installed
> orinoco_cs and done:
> apt-get --purge remove pcmcia-cs
> apt-get install pcmcia-cs

hmm, you have the orinoco kernel driver loaded? And the pcmcia kernel
stuff as well?

> but whenever I insert the WLAN card(Dell 1350 WLAN 802.11b/g), its
> giving the error:
> hw_random: cannot enable RNG, aborting

that is completely unrelated as far as i am informed. hw_random is the
hardware random number generator which some systems have. The most
systems however don't have it but hotplug tries to load it. Why it
tries to load hw_random on inserting a wireless card into your notebook
is however a bit of a riddle to me.

Hope that helped


Martin Hauser <mh@alla.franken.de>
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