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RE: pcmcia + acpi + suspend2 seems impossible...

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> From: Martin Hauser [mailto:mh@alla.franken.de]
> Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 2:20 AM
> To: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: pcmcia + acpi + suspend2 seems impossible...
> > So far I haven't been able to get all three of these together in one
> > kernel.  Suspend2 doesn't appear to be a problem -- though after I
> > apply the suspend2 patch I generally have to uncheck a bunch of
> > extraneous module options in menuconfig.  Suspend2 + pcmcia almost
> > works for me; currently my main problem is that, *SOMETIMES*, after
> > suspension, I get this:
> >
> > kernel: unregister_netdevice: waiting for eth0 to become free.
> > count = 5
> >
> > after which eth0 (a pcmcia NIC) is dead till reboot, and in fact
> > rebooting is blocked by this persistent message, which fills up my
> > kernel log at intervals of 1 to 15 seconds.
> >
> Hmm, interesting. Probably you should get your 'hibernate' script to
> forcefully unload the pcmcia modules and the cardbus modules +
> hack it so it does and /etc/init.d/pcmcia stop before it goes to
> That way it'd probably be working back once you're resumed. You then
> just push back in the modules, restart pcmcia and there you go. If you
> need detailed instructions on how to do that, let me know.

I have the same laptop running Debian and can confirm that you have to
write some shell scripts to unload the PCMCIA drivers for suspend and
resume to work.  In addition to the PCMCIA drivers I also had to remove
all the audio drivers for sound to work after resume.

For me the magic combination was down the network, unload the WLAN,
unload the audio, unload the PCMCIA, and then suspend.  On resume it
was; load audio, load PCMCIA, then load WLAN, and then fire up DHCP...
Net result was a machine that suspended, but took nearly as long as
shutting it down and restarting it.

I don't recall using any kernel patches to do any of this, but as this
is my sons laptop it has been a long while... so I could very well be
wrong... as I do remember being leery to mess with ACPI as it's horribly
broke on this machine and has been known to render them useless.


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