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Re: softwre suspend 2 -- getting closer...

On October 31, 2005 10:07, Matt Price wrote:
> OK, I know I've been making lots of unhelpful noise on this topic
> lately.
> I feel I'm getting close to a working suspendable kernel.
> On my IBM thinkpad600e, I have installed a 2.6.12 kernel, using the
> debian sources and the experimental kernel-patch-suspend2 patches (so,
> not the upstream source/patch combo, which I can't get to work).  I am
> compiling with gcc 4.0.2 (maybe this is a mistake, but I don't remember
> how to set the compiler version...) and my .config and
> grub/menu.lst are  posted here:
> http://www.racesci.org/.conf/config-2.6.12-suspend2-debian-01
> http://www.racesci.org/.conf/menu.lst
> [you'll note I have CONFIG_SUSPEND2_CHECK_RESUME_SAFE=y in my config
> file.  I understand, perhaps falsely, that's the origin of this
> warning, but presumably not of the problem?
> I am also using the hibernate-1.12 package from unstable.
> The kernel boots fine, runs fine, suspends fine.  But it will not
> resume, and on every boot, I get a long message:
> Initrd is not properly configured for resuming...
> and a bunch of stuff I didn't copy down, ending with a choice
> "continue" [boot this kernel w/out resuming] or "reboot"[back to
> bios].  If I continue, and I in fact have a hibernation image in my
> swwap file, I get further warnings about erasing that image.
> I've searched the archives & the FAQ but there isn't much info re:
> this particular error.  I imagine I've failed to set some switch
> somewhere, or something isn't being echoed properly into "proc" -- but
> I don't know what.
> Also, on the same machine I have Bob Proulx's patched 2.6.8 kernel
> installed, which I got here:
> http://www.proulx.com/~bob/nc4000/
> This kernel CAN find the suspend image it generates, but crashes when
> it tries to read it -- from the error message it looks like acpi gets
> upset; the acpi implementation is broken on my laptop, so I was hoping
> a new kernel without acpi support would work -- but no such luck, at
> least not yet.
> Anyway, I would much appreciate whatever help folks can give, esp. in
> terms of what specifically would generate this message, whether I
> might be missing some configuration element, and whether I have
> exhausted my options enough to file a bug.
> Thanks,
> Matt
> --------------------------
>  .''`.       Matt Price
> : :'  :      Debian User
> `. `'` 	     & hemi-geek
>   `-
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Have you tried swsusp, which is included in the vanilla kernel?  I'm currently 
using vanilla kernel 2.6.12.  If you're using make xconfig, select "Power 
management options (ACPI, APM)" and enable "Software Suspend (EXPERIMENTAL)".  
You can also set your default resume partition.  I am then able to hibernate 
using the acpi script

Oh, I had to set ACPI_HIBERNATE=true in /etc/default/acpi-support.  I should 
mention that I'm not using an IBM thinkpad, but it's worth a shot.


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