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Re: Black Screen

Christian Dávid said...
> Good evening for the ones in my timezone and hello for non europeens,
> this week I got a Asus Pro60 V X-115 Notebook (it is a specal offer for a big 
> shop, so it is not listed on their website, but it is similar to ther A6Va). 
> However, I installed Linux on it, of course.
> Debian testing is running very well, exept the xserver. I am using X.org and 
> the monitor is a WXGA (I think) with the resolution 1280x800 at 60Hz. But 
> when I start the Xserver the TFT gets black and you can see the mouse (very 
> well, and it works).
> But everything else is blinking between a black and brighter black. Not 
> enought it is striped, but you can see this only if you look very 
> carfully.
> If I put a external monitor to it, it shows the picture as wanted, so it can't 
> be the graphics card's fault. By the way it is a ATI Radeon Mobility X700 
> (PCI Express). The console works very well and even windows was shown in a 
> right way (I removed it). And Knoppix, a Linux live CD, works also very 
> well (but Kubuntu Live CD does not).
> Here is a part of my /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Two ideas to start with:

1. Try reducing your screen stanza to 

Section "Screen"
	Identifier		"16:10 Screen"
	Device		"ATI Technologies, Inc. Radeon Mobility X700 (PCIE)"
	Monitor		"WXGA"
	DefaultDepth	16
	Subsection	"Display"
			Depth	16
			Modes	"1280x800"

24 depth doesn't always work until the driver is sorted out.

2. Use the config from Knoppix. I've had great success with this. The 
fact that things are working in Knoppix for you indicates that that's 
guaranteed to succeed. You can then tweak things once you are up and 


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