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Black Screen

Good evening for the ones in my timezone and hello for non europeens,

this week I got a Asus Pro60 V X-115 Notebook (it is a specal offer for a big 
shop, so it is not listed on their website, but it is similar to ther A6Va). 
However, I installed Linux on it, of course.

Debian testing is running very well, exept the xserver. I am using X.org and 
the monitor is a WXGA (I think) with the resolution 1280x800 at 60Hz. But 
when I start the Xserver the TFT gets black and you can see the mouse (very 
well, and it works).

But everything else is blinking between a black and brighter black. Not 
enought it is striped, but you can see this only if you look very 

If I put a external monitor to it, it shows the picture as wanted, so it can't 
be the graphics card's fault. By the way it is a ATI Radeon Mobility X700 
(PCI Express). The console works very well and even windows was shown in a 
right way (I removed it). And Knoppix, a Linux live CD, works also very 
well (but Kubuntu Live CD does not).

Here is a part of my /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "Device"
	Identifier		"ATI Technologies, Inc. Radeon Mobility X700 (PCIE)"
	Driver		"ati"
	BusID		"PCI:3:0:0"
	VideoRam		64000
	Option		"UseFBDev"		"true"

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier		"WXGA"
	UseModes	"16:10"
	HorizSync		28-96
	VertRefresh	50-75

Section "Screen"
	Identifier		"16:10 Screen"
	Device		"ATI Technologies, Inc. Radeon Mobility X700 (PCIE)"
	Monitor		"WXGA"
	DefaultDepth	24
	Subsection	"Display"
			Depth	1
			Modes	"1280x800"
	Subsection	"Display"
			Depth	4
			Modes	"1280x800"
	Subsection	"Display"
			Depth	8
			Modes	"1280x800"
	Subsection	"Display"
			Depth	15
			Modes	"1280x800"
	Subsection	"Display"
			Depth	24
			Modes	"1280x800"

Section "ServerLayout"
	Identifier		"Default Layout"
	Screen		"16:10 Screen"
	InputDevice	"Generic Keyboard"
	InputDevice	"Configured Mouse"
	InputDevice	"Synaptics Touchpad"

Section "Modes"
	Identifier		"16:10"
	Modeline		"1280x800" 83.45 1280 1344 1480 1680 800 801 804 828 -Hsync +VSync

I hope that this are all importent information.

Best regards and great thanks
Christian Dávid

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