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Re: external vga -- ibm thinkpad 600e, neomagic driver

On Tuesday 25 October 2005 9:34 pm, Matt Price wrote:
> Hi folks -- after much straining I have a working debian/sid install
> on my new (recycled) laptop. a thinkpad 600E with neomagic nm220 video
> chipset.  I have a working xorg.conf which unfortunately does not
> support the external vga.  I vaguely recall having had to do something
> to enable the "switch to external vga" key on my last laptop, (Fn-F7
> on this model) but that last laptop is unfortunately on the garbage
> heap now so I can't check my config file.
> If someone can walk me through the basics I'd be very grateful.  Do I
> need to add an extra screen, an extra monitor, some kind of a switch
> somewhere in the config... really, I can't tell you how much I would
> appreciate this -- I was absolutely humiliated in class today when my
> laptop wouldn't display on the external vga -- after all my sweat and
> tears getting debian to install at all in the 24 hours btwn when my
> laptop busted and when I had to get up in front of my students...
> anyway, enough sob story, thx for the help,
> matt

Although I cannot specifically address your question (my IBM TP 600E is long 
gone), the 600E is one of the most well documented machines in the Linux 
world. You might want to do a search for the archives of the Linux ThinkPad 
Yahoo group, as well as checking the Tux-Mobile site. I know that I used to 
find almost anything that I needed through these resources.

Good luck!

Rob Smith

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