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Re: A notebook for Debian?

Russell Shaw wrote:

> Rob Smith wrote:
>> On Sunday 23 October 2005 5:03 am, Florian Ludwig wrote:
>>> I'm using a old IBM Thinkpad T21. Everything works realy fine! IBM was
>>> the only only company providing good Linux support for thier laptops
>>> but
>>> now Lenovo.. I dont know.
>>> I realy recommend to buy a Thinkpad for running Linux (wicht destri
>>> ever).
>> I am using a Compaq Armada M700, and it functions just great. This
>> machine should be available on the used/refurbished market at a fair
>> deal.
>> And yes, Florian's right, we'll have to see how Lenovo deals with
>> continued support for Linux on ThinkPads. I believe that IBM saw it
>> as a viable and logical outgrowth of their support for Linux on
>> servers. Lenovo doesn't have that concern.
> I'm using a second-hand 1GHz Dell Lattitude C610 with DVD R/W and
> everything
> works in debian (i haven't tried the modem or IR). Beware that many
> IBMs don't
> have touch-pads.

and everytime i sitting in front of a notebook with a touchpad i love
more my old thinkpad without one!

So what.

Florian Ludwig.

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