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Re: Wireless LAN WPA

Am Freitag, 21. Oktober 2005 07:47 schrieben Sie:

> It would appear, as you suggest below, that the card is too old to
> support WPA.
> The relevant line from wpa_supplicant is:
> SIOCGIWRANGE: too old (short) data - assuming WPA is not supported
> >>Am I wrong in thinking wpa_supplicant with the hostap driver should be
> >> able to
> >>
> >>give software WPA with a PrismII card?
> >
> > If you are up to WPA (not WEP) you either need a rather new prismII card
> > or you have to update it.
> Looks like I'll need to get a new card. I don't want to lose a PCMCIA
> slot (there are two), plus having the antenna built into the screen
> surround is a big plus.

I successfully flashed my PrismII card to support WPA. You might want to take 
a look at

Keep smiling

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