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Re: zd8156ea

alessandro basili wrote:
Moreover I'd like to understand if some of the tools I need to work are
Debian compliant, considering that they work surely under RedHat (I'd like
to add that they are not open source, they are hardware tools for FPGA
development). Can someone of you give me some hints?
Just one more, having just a try is too long for me, because of my ignorance
in this field, so I'd rather like to know if it is possible to do so in a
"brief" time (without ending after 4 weeks with something like: "ok, it's
not possible to do").

I don't have a HP laptop.

The quickest and easiest way to find out, what is working hardware-wise is to download/get a Knoppix-CD or DVD, insert it and boot from it. From a running system from CD it's also possbile to install the Knoppix-system onto your hard disk. Check out


Knoppix is a CD/DVD-based 'live distribution' based on Debian.


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