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Re: ifplugd (or guessnet) stalls booting at "Configuring network interfaces ..."

On 10/15/05, H. S. <hs.samix@gmail.com> wrote:

On 10/15/05, Derek Broughton < news@pointerstop.ca> wrote:

I can't help with guessnet, but I wonder why you think ifplugd could be

I don't know for sure. But in the past, I had a similar problem (boot stall) and the problem was solved by putting HOTPLUG_INTERFACES="eth0" in /etc/default/ifplugd.


involved.  ifplugd starts from /etc/rc2.d (by default), while networking
starts from /etc/rcS.d/.  The plugging daemon isn't even started when you
get this hang.

Isn't there anything in syslog?  You really need to know what it's waiting
for.  If there's any way to make guessnet verbose, it would help.

Here is what the boot process, that has hanged while using interfaces.guessnet based interfaces script, show on the screen:
Configureing network interfaces... guessnet: Missing mac at line 26: only check for the ip
guessnet: Missing mac at line 29: only check for the ip
guessnet: 2 candidates found in input
guessnet: Guessnet 0.36 starting...
guessnet: Trying MII detection

And that is it. I am going to reboot now, change the interfaces file using Knoppix, and reboot back into Debian Unstable and see what syslog tells me.

I just checked the logs in /var/log after rebooting into Debain Unstable (using dhcp, not guessnet) and found that there are no logs between the time I shutdown the machine to boot using guessnet and the time I rebooted the machine using dhcp. So apparently, when the machine hangs while trying to use guessnet/ifplugd, log enteries are not being entered. Does this make sense?


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