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Re: ifplugd (or guessnet) stalls booting at "Configuring network interfaces ..."

H.S. wrote:

> Hi,
> I just dist-upgraded a Dell Inspiron 5160 that was running 2.6.12 kernel
> and Debian Unstable. After the upgrade(I recall hotplug was uninstalled
> and udev upgraded), the laptop boot process now stalls at the
> "Configuring network interfaces ..." step. Any idea what could be the
> problem?

I can't help with guessnet, but I wonder why you think ifplugd could be
involved.  ifplugd starts from /etc/rc2.d (by default), while networking
starts from /etc/rcS.d/.  The plugging daemon isn't even started when you
get this hang.

Isn't there anything in syslog?  You really need to know what it's waiting
for.  If there's any way to make guessnet verbose, it would help.

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