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Re: ipw2200 installation

well, if the firmware loads OK and the module loads OK, the you could try 
passing the led=1 opppption to the module when you load it. worx on my 
tm4001...and you even get the fancy led light.
ps.: i think the travelmates have hardware rfswitch...but hit me if I'm 
wrong ;=)

>On Monday 10 October 2005 23:26, Miguel Alvarez Ramirez wrote:
> Hi, I have an ACER Travel Mate 4100 with a button to active ipw2200.
> The problem is about a keycodes , that don´t understand when I press the
> button.
> I have installed the packets correctly, I have the ipw2200 in mode
> monitor(all OK) BUT THE IPW2200 IS OFF. How can I activate the interface?
> Thanks

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