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Re: ipw2200 installation

marc said...
> marc said...
> > Which packages are required to install ipw2200 ( kernel)?
> > 
> > I've installed ipw2200-firmware, without success. Unfortunately there 
> > are no docs with the package, so it's not clear whether something else 
> > needs to be done/installed.
> > 
> > The card works under Knoppix without any problems.
> Please disregard this. I'm going straight to the source at 
> http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/ and commencing battle there :-)

Okay, maybe it's not so clear.

The detail says:

In order to use the IPW2200 driver you will need the following:
1. Linux (of course) with a 2.6.4+ kernel [link]. See the INSTALL 
document for information on specific options required to be enabled in 
the kernel.


2. Wireless Extensions (v16) and Tools (v27-pre23) [link]

Wire tools, no problem. Vut what is Wireless extensions?

3. The IPW2200 driver. You can obtain the latest development snapshot 


4. The IPW2200 binary firmware image. The firmware can be obtained here. 


However, the install doc (a truly horrendous doc) says:

"You will also need to have sysfs mounted. You can do this by adding an 
entry to /etc/fstab similar to this:

none /sys sysfs defaults 0 0"

Is this a definite requirement? And if so, why can't it just use /sys?

I feel like asking why this "just worked" two weeks ago in XP. But then 
it also "just worked" two weeks ago in Knoppix!


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