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Re: vga=791 nno longer works

L.V.Gandhi said...
> On 10/10/05, marc <gmane@auxbuss.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > This is a bit odd. I've just upgraded my laptop to etch and xorg. Today,
> > I compiled a new <> kernel. To my grub entry I
> > added the option,
> > vga=791, to the kernel line, but now this has the effect of blanking the
> > screen until the boot process has completed.
> >
> > My old 2.6.12 kernel still works quite happily with vga=791.
> >
> > Any idea how to retrieve the "old" behaviour?
> first do oldconfig before compiling or check during configuring.

oldconfig didn't highlight this, because the item in question has always 
been set to m in the past - and worked quite happily. I suspect that the 
change is somewhere in the package changes between sarge and etch, 
rather than the kernel itself.
> I use 2.6.13 with vga. There may be something wrong in kernel config.
> see for these in kernel config
> Graphics Support --->
> [*] Support for frame-buffer devices
> [*] VESA/VGA graphics support
> Console Display Driver Support --->
> [*] VGA text console
> [*] Video mode selection support

Only the following line required changing to reinstate the previous 
behaviour. Namely,

Device drivers/Graphics support/Console display driver 
support/Framebuffer console support

> [*] Frame-buffer Console Support


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