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DSL connection

Hi everybody,

I am a Linux newby.

Trying to get into the internet using my laptop (thinkpad R 40) at home.

I have debian and knoppix on it.

The guy that installed  the software on it set up an ethernet connection.

When I was at a linux install-fest on 10/01/05 all I had to do was connect
my laptop to the modem, typ "pump" into the root-commandline, go to 
x-window, open the browser (konquerer) and surf.

So that was easy.

At home I now have a DSL-connection. When I typ "pump" into the
root-commandline it answers: e100 : eth0 NIC Link is up 100 Mps Full Duplex

When I open the browser in x-windows and search for the "google" pages
it will tell me : not found

On the modem (Westell Modell 6100) the Power, Ethernet and DSL lights are

Anybody have an idea what this means, What I have to look for or do?

thanks for the help


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