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Re: How to use password-protected wireless networks?

John O'Hagan <johnohagan@iprimus.com.au> writes:
>> John O'Hagan wrote:
> [...]
>> >One situation which has stumped me, however, is when the network requires
>> > a password (which I have, of course, been given!): how do I enter the
>> > password?
> [...]
> Thanks to everyone who replied, you have pointed me in the right direction: 
> here is the relevant bit from man iwconfig:


> I'll let you know if this actually works when I have had a chance to
> try it.

G'day.  A useful hint:  I don't know any useful GUI tools to manage it,
but dealing with wireless network roaming, WEP and WPA keys is most
easily managed by the 'wpa_supplicant' package.

Despite the name, this tool handles authenticating with any sort of
wireless network protocol, including WEP.

You can enter the details for your networks in the configuration file,
and then wpa_supplicant just runs quietly in the background and deals
with authentication without you needing to do anything more.


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