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Re: How to use password-protected wireless networks?

John O'Hagan wrote:

Hi all,

Running testing on a wireless equipped laptop, I can usually get on to any available networks using some combination of ifupdown, ifplugd, whereami, resolvconf, kwifimanager etc. One situation which has stumped me, however, is when the network requires a password (which I have, of course, been given!): how do I enter the password?

Some networks simply redirect your browser to a login page; no problem there. And I'm not talking about encryption. It's the ones for which my Mac-using colleagues simply enter the password into a little dialog that pops up automatically when the network needs one.
How does the Debian user do it?



P.S. Please CC me.


take a look at iwconfig.  to enter the key:

iwconfig eth0 key 1234567890ABCDEF

There may be an applet that does the same thing, but this is the command line that I use.


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