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Re: HP nc4000 and bluetooth

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005, Salim Khan wrote:


Even thou the device only shows in a lsusb -v command it's supported by:
  Bluetooth HCI BCM203x USB driver.
  This driver provides the firmware loading mechanism for the Broadcom
  Blutonium based devices.

Run lsusb -v compare with my output:

Select the following:
Device Drivers -> Networking support -> Bluetooth subsystem support ->
     <M>   L2CAP protocol support
     <M>   SCO links support
     <M>   RFCOMM protocol support
         [*]     RFCOMM TTY support
     <M>   BNEP protocol support

And under:

Bluetooth device drivers ->
<M> HCI BCM203x USB driver

And setting up pppd with gprs I've read
http://kotinetti.suomi.net/mcfrisk/linux_gprs.html among others

> Hi there,
> Did you manage to get the bluetooth working on the NC4000.  My boss has
> one and I cant get it to work. I have used the latest drivers from
> HP.com as well
> Thanks
> Salim Khan

//Henrik Andreasson

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